Monday Inspiration: Buy The Shoes


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Life Is Short Buy The Shoes

Kinda by accident, we’re planning a bit of a footwear extravaganza here at Fawkeshunter this week. So, why not let shoes inspire us to not stress the small stuff and be nice to ourselves this Monday morning?

It’s a lesson I try really hard to remember on overwhelming days– it’s easy to feel guilty taking a break when there’s a lot to do. Today, give yourself permission to enjoy life– take that long lunch, stop and enjoy time with friends and family, or buy the shoes you’ve been eyeing (it IS the last week of Nordy’s Anniversary sale, afterall!).

5 Summer Music Festival Must Haves


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Hello Foxes! My name is Anastajza and I’m the new intern here at Fawkeshunter. I’m so excited to go on a stylish adventure with all of you! A little about me, I am a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) with a life-long passion for the perfect outfit and helping others find their style! I’m also an avid music fan, traveler and fashion bargain hunter.Photo of EDC Las Vegas 2014

Recently I went to the musical festival Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas (known as EDC– see the photo to the right). I experienced a fashion shock! Bright colors mixed with glittering rhinestones and sometimes feathers, made me giggle in excitement! Not only was the fashion incredible, but so were the music and amazing performances by the carnival actors. While at the festival I found myself wishing I’d received some helpful hints on what to bring and wear to make a long night go by smoothly. So, I pulled together this list for you– keep them in mind when you’re headed to a festival, concert or performance this summer, Foxes.

Stay Hydrated

Pink water packCheck the event list to see if you can bring your own empty water bottle or Camelbak and fill it yourself once inside the venue. It’ll save you $5-$7 a bottle of smaller than average water.



Go Hands Free

Try a fanny pack. No, not like the ones you see your grandmother wear. Festival girls rock chic hipwear. There are many stylish off-the-rack options or opt for one a basic you can DIY.

Protect Your EarsEarplugs

You don’t want to blow your eardrum the first day…consider ear plugs. Seems counter productive? Trust me when I say, the music gets loud– you’ll be able to hear it through the ear plugs just fine!

Rock Your Kicks

Probably the most important thing: wear comfortable shoes. No one will be looking at your feet and the blisters you’ll earn trekking around a festival ground in open toes or heels are not worth it. Invest in a cute, inexpensive pair of shoes with closed toes you don’t mind being ruined by all of the people you dance with stepping on your toes. (I love Vans, they’re super stylish, affordable, easy to find and really durable).

Last, But Not Least

And finally, bring good a good attitude! Everyone there wants to have as much fun as you. No need to get grumpy about the security line or any other waits, just think of them as an opportunity to make friends!Crowd surfing

Style Crush: Nicola Peltz


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It’s been a while since I’ve crushed on a celeb’s style, but this month newcomer Nicola Peltz’s wardrobe caught my eye and my heart. With a combination of clean lines and dramatic details, she’s killed it on red carpets around the world while promoting the new Transformers movie. I’ve pulled together some of her best looks,as well as some  tips on stealing her style…let me know if you love it as much as I do in comments or on Facebook, Foxes. xo

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Steal Her Style

1. Look for elegant, clean silhouettes. Many of Nicola’s picks are simple sheath or column-style dresses. Get the same look with this ONE by Contrarian Maxi at Shopbop, $425.

ONE by Contrarian Maxi Dress at Shopbop.jpg2. Create drama in the details. Cut-outs, sheer panels and architectural elements are exaggerated and extra impactful on Nicola because of crisp silhouettes. Make the same statement with Anthropologie’s Carissima Sheath. $258.

Carissima Sheath at Anthropologie3. Keep beauty and accessories simple. You’ll be making such a statement with your clothes, you don’t want to other elements of your look to steal attention. Here’s some tips on easy summer make-up swaps from one of my favorites, Lauren Conrad.

Monday Inspiration: Now is the New Later


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Forget orange or pink or whatever is the new black. Seize today and make now the new later by picking one thing you’ve been putting off and getting it done this week.

Seizing my now, I’m hustling in LA so I can work here as well as SF, have an amazing new assistant who is helping me keep you updated and in style (you’ll meet her soon) and a fancy new set of work and life goals (you’ll also hear about). Hope some of that inspires you. Happy Monday, Foxes. xo

Virtual-ly Styling: Fawkeshunter on Keaton Row


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I’ve thought about virtual styling for a while. Sharing my styling talents from the comfort of my computer sounded awesome to me. I was just never sure how. Which is why, when I learned about the new site Keaton Row, I was excited to get started.Online Stylist - Rachel Fawkes

Keaton Row is an online personal styling service that is absolutely free (not a typo) to use. Stylists like me work with clients to create virtual, personalized Lookbooks based on needs and requests they define in a simple questionnaire. We earn commission from Keaton Row’s super stylish retailers like Nordstrom and ASOS based on client purchases. Clients never pay more than what retailers charge on their own sites. No hidden costs to you. And there’s no obligation to buy from a Lookbook (even though I’ll hope you do!)

If free personal styling advice weren’t sweet enough, I can also create and share shop-able public Lookbooks on anything that inspires me. I shared the first of these Friday on Facebook and Pinterest in honor of National Wear Red Day. And, I’ve created a few additional basic Lookbooks for occasions like work and date-night, as well as a mini-boutique of my favorite denim by body type, for your shopping pleasure.

While it’s not at all a substitute for the personalized attention of one-on-one styling, Keaton Row will be a great resource for you Foxes who could use my advice on what to wear for a special event, or who want some inspiration for how to amp up a specific area of you wardrobe.

I’d love to know what you think of the idea. And, if you have any style challenges that would make a great public Lookbook, let me know in comments or on Facebook. If you’re ready for some personalized advice, become a Keaton Row client and get your very own Lookbook!

Hope to see you all online soon! xoxo

Long Time No Chat


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Stylist San Francisco

Nothing like a chop to make you feel like a new girl!

Writing this is a bit like awkwardly running in to a friend I haven’t called back in months…Ohhhh, heeeyyyy….I bet you thought I forgot you, Foxes. Quite the contrary, you’ve been on my mind a lot. And, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I’ve been busy styling away since my last post (in July!!!).

At the risk of turning a style blog into a therapy session, I’ve been MIA here because life majorly kicked my ass the second part of 2013. My family’s been facing a serious illness. Though I am healthy, the fight’s affected and demanded a lot from me. Other than lots of great clients who completely made me feel normal (THANK YOU!), I retreated from almost everything else last year, including you. I’m sorry for disappearing without explanation.

My family’s fight for health continues, but taking on 2014, I’m (mostly) harder, better, faster, stronger and excited to get back to sharing with you. Still, it doesn’t seem right to move ahead without taking a moment to look back at all you missed. Here’s what I was up to while life fell apart. (Scroll/click on the photos for descriptions of the action.) Happy to be back at it, Foxes.

Making it Work at Work

What happens in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room. Still, I couldn’t help snapping photos of memorable moments and perfectly arranged clothes during appointments.

Men of Style

A lot of people ask, “do you style men?” Of course! Guys want to look great too. I worked with some seriously dapper dudes the past few months.

Fashion Styling

In addition to working one-on-one with personal styling clients, I’ve been on-set for quite a few runways and editorial and commercial shoots since we chatted. Turns out, I’ve got a knack with a steamer.

You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

As I reviewed the hundreds (I mean HUNDREDS) of photos I’ve taken in the past six months, I noticed shoes are overly represented in the mix. Kinda like in my closet.

Me Time

In the midst of the stress, I found time to have some fun with family and friends (not to mention obsess over my cutie nephew, B).

Finally, Friday

It’s kind of appropriate that the first and last projects I did since writing were styling for my friend Kellee‘s awesome children’s clothing line Good Boy Friday.  We shot the Spring/Summer ’14 lookbook last July and wrapped the Fall ’14/Winter ’15 last week.

Weekend Rulebreaker: Day-to-Night Swim Coverup


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It’s one of my favorite Friday’s of the year, Foxes– the start of my birthday weekend! I’m celebrating Sunday with two of my favorite things, boozy brunch and a pool day. If I’m not too all-around toasty, I’ll probably wrap celebrations with dinner out with loved ones. One thing I can promise, after a long day in the sun, the last thing I’ll want to do is spend a lot of time getting ready for whatever the night brings.

If you’re like me, today’s rulebreaker is right up your alley. Pick the right swim coverup, and all it takes is a quick shower and the swap of a few accessories to look ready for a casual night out. It’s one of my favorite tricks for a day like Sunday and a great way to make what you pack for a beach vacation to pull double duty. Here’s to a stylish, sunny weekend for us all and Happy Birthday to me!

Want to see more? Head over to Pinterest to check out some of my favorite swim coverup picks.

Day-to-Night Swim Cover-up

Weekend Rulebreaker: Fourth of July Fabulous


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Is it bad that I always think of America’s birthday as the kick off to my own 10 days later? I mean, fireworks, BBQs, sunshine, I can’t think of a better pre-party!

Perhaps because I see the Fourth as a harbinger of celebrations to come, it’s one of the few holidays I have a dedicated wardrobe for. The best thing about my patriotic pics? Stars and stripes really do last forever. Red, white and blue combos are classic and I have pieces I’ve been able to wear for years. I bet you do too. This weekend, take inspiration from this collection of mix-and-match pieces to prep your own fabulous Fourth of July fashion. Happy Friday, Foxes!

Fourth of July Fabulous

Weekend Rulebreaker: Day-to-Night Shorts


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Happy Friday, Foxes! It’s completely like me to want to make something plain fancy, so, no surprise, I love embellished shorts for summer. They’re a great way to amp up a casual day look and inject some fun into dressing up at night.

Perfect, because when I’m out being super Summer-y and social, I can’t be bothered to run home and change for evening fun. Instead, I’ll tuck a bag of accessories in my car that lets me wear my day look into evening. This weekend, pack your own bag of tricks and let some dressy shorts help you squeeze a little more fun from your sunny day.

Day to Night Shorts

Liebster Award-ed


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Liebster AwardOne of the nicest surprises that’s come from blogging for me was the great blogger friends I’ve made along the way. And, I was super flattered when one of them, Jillian from the Humble Gourmet, nominated me for a Liebster Award.

What’s a Liebster Award? It’s basically a blogger chain letter that lets other bloggers and my readers learn some more about me. The blogger that nominates you posts 11 questions for you to answer on your blog. THEN, you post 11 questions and invite 5 (ish– I’m cheating) blogger friends to answer.

Answers to the 11 Questions I was Given

1. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life. All health and allergies aside, what do you eat?
Pizza. It’s literally the only food I can think of that I have no memory of ever saying “I don’t really feel like eating that” about. Plus, there are endless toppings and flavors, which is a great characteristic to have in an eternal food.

2. What is the one book you can read over and over?
The Hunger Games - Team PeetaEast of Eden is my smart answer. Reality is, I’ve actually re-read parts of the Hunger Games Trilogy multiple times recently. If I’m bored without entertainment somewhere, I’ll open them on my phone (Kindle app!) and read random pages, mostly the very end. Team Peeta.

3. What are your top-three must read blogs?
I use Bloglovin to follow so many, it’s hard to pick! Man Repeller, Atlantic-Pacific and The Cut (does it still count as a blog?) are three I read pretty thoroughly.

4. What celebrity do you look the most like?
The Notebook - If You're A Bird, I'm A BirdUntil about 10 years ago, it was always Molly Ringwald. In the last decade, Molly’s been replaced by Rachel McAdams. There’s a particular scene in The Notebook where she’s chasing birds on a beach that a crazy number of friends, coworkers and almost-strangers have gone out of their way to tell me looks just like me. Kind of concerning because she looks a bit crazy.

5. What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet?
Ugh, this is like asking someone to pick their favorite kid. I love them all!

Vintage Patent HeelsNot clothes-clothes, but I have a pair of vintage patent heels that belonged to my grandmother that are really dear to me. I played dress up in them when I was little and thought they were the most glamorous things ever. They’re a size too big for grown-up me, but I keep them because they remind me of her and playing dress up. (Insert touching comment about not being able to fill my gram’s shoes in so many ways…)

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Kind of unexpected because I am such a sunworshipper, but I’d pick London. I love everything about that city, except the weather. When they do have sun, I love renting a chair in St. James Park. When they don’t, the glam beaches of Europe are just a short flight away. Jet set!

London Skyline Silhouette7. Who would be at your dream dinner party (dead or alive)?

Jackie & GraceUnlimited guests?! I could make a long list! In terms of style (this is a fashion blog), I’d have to say Jackie and Grace who really, truly started the obsession for me. I probably wouldn’t invite anyone else because I’d want to hang with them!

8. What was the last thing you ate?
Greek yogurt at lunch. It’s kind of mental because I’m going to a Greek restaurant for dinner and will indulge in even more.

9. What is your favorite flower?
Peonies. I bought some recently and posted a pretty photo on Instagram. (Follow me!)

10. If you could go back to school and major in any subject you want, what would it be and why?
On AirI was an English major and it’s served me well. If I were to do something different, broadcast journalism, so I’d be as strong communicating verbally as in writing.

11. What would you consider your “signature color?”
Hmmm. Ask my clients and they’ll tell you I believe in color and pattern, despite a lot of black and white in my own wardrobe. I tend to buy shades of red/pink/coral– they go great with all the black and white!

11 Questions For My Blogger Friends To Answer

  1. The best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?
  2. The best piece of style advice you’ve ever received?
  3. What was your first-ever blog post about?
  4. What item is your dream addition to your wardrobe?
  5. You have to wear one item of clothing every day for the rest of your life. What would it be?
  6. Fashion trend you followed, that you wish you didn’t?
  7. When I see someone wearing _________, I cringe.
  8. Three favorite places to shop online?
  9. Make-up or beauty product you can’t live without?
  10. What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
  11. What was your happiest day?

Bloggers I Nominate (Many of ‘em are fab fashionphiles I met/began to follow #stylechat-ing)

  1. Jenny at A Fashionable Paradise (Who made this sunglasses post for me the other day!)
  2. Silvane and Monique from Belle and E.I.B.
  3. Sydney and Sarah from Exposed Style 

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