Haute Holidays: Personal Styling Gift Certificate Sale


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Styling Gift Certificates - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist - Best Christmas Gift for Her - Fashion Christmas GiftHappy (almost) holidays, Foxes. If you’re like me, you’re already making your lists and checking them twice. I’m all about experiences over things this year and want to remind you this is the one time of year gift certificates for our personal styling services are on sale!

We’re giving you bonus styling time with 2-hour or longer gift certificate purchases. Share the gift of style with someone you love or spoil yourself:

  • $250 – Two-hour styling certificate
    Holiday bonus: 30 minutes free, for a total of 2.5 hours of styling. Applies to a single appointment.
  • $375 – Three-hour styling certificate
    Holiday bonus: 45 minutes free, for a total of 3.75 hours of styling. May be applied across two appointments.
  • $500 – Four-hour styling certificate
    Holiday bonus: One-hour free, for a total of five hours of styling. May be applied across two appointments.

Buy certificates online or e-mail Rachel to arrange.

All gift certificates are personalized and may be use on in-person or virtual styling services.

Mail Delivery available through Dec. 19 for a $5 printing and shipping charge.  E-mail delivery is free through Dec. 24. Fawkeshunter Gift Certificates are available in any $25 denomination. Haute Holiday specials may not be combined with other styling credits or used toward Keaton Row purchases.

Monday Inspiration: Good Shoes Take You Good Places


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Good Shoes Take You Good Places - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistSo, imagine you’re jetting off to attend a fashion conference in another city and, when you arrive and unpack your suitcase, you realize you forgot a shoe. Not a pair of shoes, just a single shoe (say the left one) from the perfect pair for the event. It’s enough to ruin your whole day, much less your whole outfit. I know, I did it last week.

If you’re like me, shoes really can make or break your day. And if you’re also like me, they can also make or break your foot–I insist on being able to walk in what I wear. And, when the perfect style combines with the perfect step, you feel like you can (and you often do) conquer the world. Here’s to starting the week off on the right foot (like my shoe that made the trip). Happy Monday, Foxes. xo

Style Crush: Birthday Girl Grace Kelly


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Well If There's One Thing I Know, It's How To Wear The Proper Clothes - Grace Kelly Style - Rachel Fawkes San Fracisco Fashion Stylist

People always ask how I got into styling. Truth is, I remember being obsessed with clothes and what people were wearing from the start. And not long after that, I was obsessed with Grace Kelly and what she was wearing. She’s easily one of, if not THE strongest, influences on my personal tastes. Today, on what would have been her 85th birthday, a look at a few of my favorite fashion take-aways from one of the most enduring style icons ever.

1. She Knew Dogs Are A Must-Have Accessory

Grace Kelly and Poodle Oliver - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe StylistIt’s a well-known fact I am crazy for my canine chums, so was Grace…well for her canine chums. She had lots of pets through the years, but none so photographed as her black poodle Oliver. He was a wedding gift from co-star Cary Grant and sailed across the Atlantic with her when she journeyed to Monaco to become a princess. He even sat alongside her when she faced the paps aboard and the future princess carried him in her arms when she disembarked in Monaco.



2. She Influences Princesses & Princess Brides Everywhere To This Day

Grace Kelly vs. Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe StylistWhen the rest of the world was squealing McQueen at the most recent royal wedding, I was like, holy Grace Kelly copycat Kate Middleton. To be fair, Grace was the first normal girl to marry a prince and have her wedding broadcast live around the globe, so it was probably fate her style influenced K-Mid’s. Truth is, the lace bodice, long sleeves and full skirt of her Edith Head-designed gown stand as one of the most iconic and copied wedding looks ever.




3. She Inspired Hermès Original Namesake BagGrace Kelly - Hermes Kelly Bag - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe Stylist

Pre-Birkin, Hermès‘ most iconic namesake bag was The Kelly. Originally named the Sac à dépêches, the structured handbag earned a new nickname after Princess Grace faithfully carried it to hide the early stages of her first pregnancy. Legend has it she fell in love with the style when she carried one as part of her character’s wardrobe in Rear Window. It stuck as one of her style staples throughout her life and Hermès officially renamed the bag for her in 1977.



4. She Was Geek Before It Was Chic

Grace Kelly in Glasses - Geek Chic - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe StylistGrace didn’t have the best eyesight and snaps of her in her glasses are my favorite. She was so, so pretty she was almost unbelievable. Something about her putting on specs makes her seem more real and human to me. I’m especially fond of a series of her playing charades while on her pre-wedding journey to Monaco taken by Howell Conant.

Monday Inspiration: SHMILY


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SHMILY - San Francisco Fashion Stylist Rachel FawkesI love this acronym/saying. Written on a note or signed at the bottom of a letter, it’s a super simple way to tell someone how special they are. I first heard it in college and still have notes with it from those days posted up in my office. They remind me on stressful or down days I’m loved. I hope today’s post inspires you to send some similarly lasting good vibes out in the world and to share these six letters with someone you care about. I promise it’ll earn you both a smile.

The person who first shared it with me is having a hard week. I hope when she sees this, she’ll know this post, and the love that y’all are putting out in the world as a result, are inspired her & the people she loves. Happy Monday, Foxes. Share the love. xo

Winter Layers Done Right


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After college, I moved from LA to DC with a closet full of sundresses and flip-flops. I held out as long as I could, but when winter set in my first year, I was desperate for warm clothes and shoes. So, I hit the shops and made a major rookie mistake: I bought the (most fashionable) warmest sweaters, sturdiest boots and heaviest coats possible. Awesome outdoors. Not so awesome indoors. Five minutes and I turned into a gross, sweaty mess. Runny make-up and dehydration, that’s how this California girl learned the lesson of lean winter layers.

Earlier this week, I shared some of our favorite layering tips for looking cool while staying warm with you. Today, I’m showing you how to pull ‘em all together and serving up some of my favorite vest and belt combos (I’m obsessed with this!), layered jacket picks and hats to finish your look. Of course, click for more styling tips or to shop the look on Keaton Row. Here’s to being chic and cozy this winter, Foxes. Happy weekend. xo

Winter Layering Essentials_San Francisco Fashion Stylist_Rachel Fawkes

Keep your layers lean and look for opportunities to add color and shine to fight dull gray days. I love the color of this lean sweater dress, which looks polished on its own or chic with the belted vest. If heels won’t work for you, sub this season’s hot combat-inspired boot or a flat chelsea boot to look equally as chic.


Winter Style Tips: Look Cool While Keeping Warm


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Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 2.16.01 PMWinter is brutal! The cold can make anyone want to bundle up in an over-sized parka. But you don’t have to look like Frosty the Snowman just to keep warm. As you begin to pull out the sweaters and pile on the layers, here are some tips to keep you cozy and stylish.

1. Ditch the Down and Layer Your Jackets

There’s a time and place for snowsuits, but California in winter isn’t it. Even if you aren’t in a milder climate like we are, winter weather isn’t always frigid. On milder days, layer lighter weight jackets to  keep you warm, while showing off your figure. We like making the layers obvious by mixing and matching textures, colors and patterns. Bonus, this snug strategy makes it easy to lose just the right amount of layers when you go from outside in.

2. Vest Up

Cold, but not too cold? We’re obsessed with vests. Wear anything with sleeves under them: uber-chic flannel shirts, tees, jackets, sweaters, all fabulous! Check out some of our fave streetstyle looks below and then seriously leave the house and buy a vest for winter.

3. Use Your Head

It’s said people lose 70% of their body heat through their head. Lesson? Wrap that noggin in a stylish hat or beanie to fight off the chill. We’re loving chunky knits and brimmed hats this season.






Monday Inspiration: Being Grateful


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Never Let the things you want make you forget the things you have_Gratitude_Quote_Rachel Fawkes Fashion StylistI’m not sure if you noticed while you were indulging in an extra hour of time-change fun, but the holidays arrived with a vengance this weekend. I mean Saturday morning I still had Halloween make-up on my eyes (so hard to get off!) when I passed a santa-at-the-mall snowscape on my way to being served a latte in a red Starbucks cup. Crazy.

Being someone who’s drawn to shiny objects, I’m making an effort not to be blinded by tinsely December decor before the Thanksgiving turkey even hits the table. One way I’m keeping focus: practicing gratitude for all the amazing people and opportunities in my life (you included, Foxes!). As the first week of November hits, do the same and make sure to appreciate all of the reasons (people!) behind your holiday planning. Happy Monday! xo

Monday Inspiration: Just Push It


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Push Your Style - Rachel Fawkes - San Francisco StylistI had the best outfit creation appointment with a client this weekend! Last month she and I pulled a full-on What Not To Wear, investing in an entirely new wardrobe, which she needed after dropping several sizes. In the dressing room, I pushed her to try new shapes, colors and styles on her new body and she surprised herself by loving many of them. Flash forward to last Saturday, she’s had the chance to live with the pieces and tells me how she recently paired an awesome new skirt with a gorge flowy floral blouse. She says the combo was a bit boxy, but my advice to make sure to define her waist was in her mind and continues, “I needed a belt and didn’t have a perfectly matchy one, so I just grabbed the leopard print and went for it.” So. Proud.

Now, I love a good pop of leopard and, by coincidence, was wearing a leopard belt/plaid shirt combo at the very moment I heard this glorious story, but that’s not the point. The point is, by pushing herself to take a risk, my client looked fab and permanently expanded her style boundaries. This week, channel her as inspiration and push yourself to try something new, fashion or otherwise. You’ll be bolder, and maybe even more stylish, forever for it. Happy Monday, Foxes! xo

Monday Inspiration: Be Nice to Yourself


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Be Nice to Yourself - Rachel Fawkes - San Franciso Fashion StylistI can’t tell you how often I work with clients who beat themselves up about imaginary flaws in their figure. In my line of work, I see a lot of people in their skivvies. Trust me when I say, no one’s perfect and pretty much everyone’s way more banging than they imagine. There are few better work moments for me than when clients realize this and appreciate their figures and believe they look great. Of course, I like to think it’s because their uber-stylist picked amazing clothes. While that’s partially true, most of it also has to do with the styling process and knocking down the walls of negativity blocking them from seeing their best selves along the way.

As you head into a new week, keep this in mind and be nice to yourself, Foxes! Appreciate all of the good you do and accentuate all of your positive. Because, there’s lots of it. I promise.  Happy Monday! xoxo

Monday Inspiration: People Will Stare


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People WIll StareIn addition to doing a lot of fall shopping for clients (and myself!) , I’m also speaking on style in front of a few groups of clients this month. I always feel a little bit of extra pressure to practice what I preach when I do group stylings– I mean it’s literally standing in front of an audience asking to be judged on what I’m supposedly an expert at. (Eeek!) I always try to wear something that’s equal parts fashion forward and accessible and that suits the group I’m in front of, whether an office of co-workers or a group on a mom’s night out. Most importantly, I always pick at least one undeniable piece that leaves no doubt I know style– it makes me feel a little bit invincible when I’m up for “judgement,” even if only in my head!

Truth is, every day is an opportunity for us all to attract admirers (or judges?!). Here’s to wearing at least one bit of undeniability that makes all of the people stare, in a good way. Happy Monday. xoxo



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